Target Sports

Target sports are about discipline, concentration, patience and focus. In target sports, there are 4 categories: air rifle, air pistol, .22 calibre and archery. Many opportunities are available for all, from beginners to elite competition.

Participants are given non-reflective targets with 10 zones to shot at. The scoring zones range from 1, being the largest circle on the outside, to 10, being the innermost, smaller circle. The rules of the sport depend on the distance, the gun, the target, the shooting position, the number of shots and the time limit.

Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow. The objective of the sport is to shoot arrows accurately at a target marked with ten concentric rings. Distances and target sizes are determined by where the competition is taking place, indoor or outdoor.

Archery can be performed as individuals or as a team. In individual competition, the participants shoot 36 arrows at four distances and the distance is determined by the athlete’s function ability.

In team competition, the participants can be from any classification. Only one member of the team can shoot at a time and have to finish shooting their arrows before time is up (three minutes).

Archery includes specific equipment that needs to be used in competition. These include:

  • The Bow
  • Arrows: made of either aluminum or carbon fiber
  • Target: 10 zones, 5 colours gold in the middle, then red, blue, black and white


Optional equipment includes:

  • Quiver (to store arrows)
  • Finger tabs (protect the athletes fingers)
  • Arm guard and bracer (protect athlete just in case the bowstring snaps)


Shooting is a test of accuracy and control, in which competitors use pistols or rifles to fire a series of shots at a stationary target. Shooting competitors use pistols or rifles to fire a series of shots at a stationary target. The objective is to place a series of shots inside the centre ring of the bulls-eye of the target. The target is comprised of 10 concentric scoring rings with a score grade from one to 10 from the outside ring in; the centre ring earns 10 points. In the final round, the rings are subdivided into more scoring zones with 10.9 being the highest possible score.

Events are divided into Air Rifle and Pistol competitions. Competitors compete from a standing position or wheelchair at three different distances: 10, 25 and 50 metres. Competitors accumulate points based on the value of each shot. Each competition consists of a qualification and a final round. The score in the final round is added to the athlete’s score in the qualification round. The winner is the competitor who gathers the most points by the end of the competition.

Shooters compete in all male, all female, or mixed-gender competitions. The rules of each event are dependent on the gun, distance, target, shooting position, number of shots and the time limit used. They take into account the differences that exist between shooting for the able-bodied and shooting for persons with a disability.

Equipment includes:

  • Rifles and pistols: .22 calibre rifles and air guns (pneumatic, CO2 gas or spring)
  • Bullets
  • Target: standard target with concentric white and black rings around a black centre ring (a.k.a bull’s eye)


Target sports uses a classification that allows athletes from different disability classes with the same abilities to compete together, individually or as a team, and are assessed by their functional ability.

There are 2 general categories used: 

  • Athletes who shoot on their own
  • Athletes who require a stand.


Classification for pistol shooting is based on the person’s limitations and on the skills that are necessary to have in shooting.

Athletes are divided into three categories: 

  • SH1
  • SH2
  • SH3

Note: SH1 & SH2 are further divided into subgroups (Ex: SH1A, SH1B, SH1C, SH2A, SH2B, SH2C)

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